Amrit Rai ~ Energy Medicine, Touch Therapies, Spiritual Mentoring

Blended Modalities ~ 90 minutes - 2hrs

A total bodywork treatment that re-charges and balances the physical, mental, emotional and etheric fields. This treatment imparts a tangible feeling of wholeness and well-being, with a focus on integration, elimination and restoration.

Blended Modalities:  A flowing integration of...
* Deep tissue
* Cranial-Sacral therapy
* Lymphatic massage
* Acupressure
* Swedish/Esalen massage
* Lomi lomi (Hawaiian temple massage)
* A blend of energetic modalities

* Improves circulation * Breaks up adhesions * Reduces pain and swelling* Improves range of motion* Imparts a tangible feeling of wholeness and well-being.

Energy Medicine Session ~ 2- hours

This session begins with at least a  half-hour of assessment followed by body/energy work tailored to your specific symptoms and issues. Any of the blended modalities above may be included in the treatment, as well as:

Guided visualization * Somatic inquiry

Shamanic Healing * Channeled energy

and information on  particular issues or

life concerns.

This is a focused approach to evaluating and reorienting one's whole being. It allows time for process, intentional redirection of energy as well as clearing of energy holding patterns and cellular integration through touch work.

The session ends with insights or information that may have emerged during the session.

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy - 60 - 90 mins.

This session is a deep dive. It focuses on the central nervous system and specifically the cranial sacral fluid that runs from the sacrum to the brain through the spinal cord.  It is done clothed on a massage table and is a very calming, relaxing and yet potent modality.  It is a wonderful way to reboot the nervous system and release restrictions on many levels of the body/energy field.  This modality is a great choice when one is opening to greater levels of perception and spiritual growth as it directly removes held patterns and restrictions in the cranial sacral system therefore increasing flow and function on multiple layers of ones energy field.  A great treatment choice when there is anxiety and stress impacting one's system or environment, before and after surgery, when experiencing sleep issues or changes in sleep patterns. Also a great treatment for migraines, sinus issues and general pressure or nervousness. This treatment can also be a great asset when undergoing life transitions as it is a calming balm to the nervous system.


Rate: 150. per hour.  (sliding scale 120. - 150.)

Series of 8 Energy Medicine sessions  $2000.

(Paid in advance)


I asked my teacher once what my path to realization was.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear…

“Stay true to the inner temple.” 

May I live from that place and offer that to whomever

I am graced to touch.

In love ~ Amrit


316 Miller Avenue, suite F

Mill Valley, 

CA 94941